Why we’re building SARAL

Our origin story and why

Yash Chavan

Yash Chavan

February 27, 2022

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Hey dear reader!

Yash here. I’m the founder here at Saral.

The tooling for influencer marketing right now is disjoint and all over the place. You need one tool to find influencers, an ESP to reach out and manage, another SaaS to onboard and track performance, and maybe another one to pay them. All this means you spend too much time and money on the tools instead of managing your influencer program.

It means you need to spend a 1000s of dollars per month on just enabling the program and get locked into unnecessary annual contracts.

We’re changing that.

Saral brings everything you need to do influencer marketing in one place and makes it simpler. Saral is your influencer marketing assistant that’s easy to set up and enables your influencer efforts without burning a gigantic hole in your pocket or taking months to learn.

Our Mission

It’s in the name. Saral means “simple” in Sanskrit.

With privacy changes and Facebook ads bleeding your business dry, we enable a seamless transition to influencer marketing for your brand. You can set it up and get an influencer campaign up and running in just a day!

You don’t have to change your workflow

Saral enables every bit of your existing influencer marketing workflow without trying to change how you do things. We live right in your browser as you browse various social media to find the right influencers. Based on your decisions, Saral helps you find similar influencers making the whole process fast and easy.

With Saral, you eliminate all google sheets as it finds influencer emails for you, saves them directly on your list, and sends them a customised email sequence - all in one tool.

We love smaller players

With pretty much every other tool in the space burning huge holes in your budget with no immediate way to see ROI, we understand that it’s harder to try influencer marketing.

Saral works on a simple monthly subscription, and doesn’t tie you into unfair annual contracts that are hard to cancel.

We understand that you may not have a huge marketing team to rely on, or lots of money to test with, which is why we’ve got built-in templates that help you scale and an insane free content library with best-practices so you build a profitable campaign from the get-go.

You keep the relationships

With all other tools charging a ton, people resort to using a marketplace to find influencers. The marketplace ends up owning your relationships with influencers and you become too dependent on them. You never build a relationship with creators which leads to suboptimal performance of your campaigns in the long run.

Saral is built different. Even the emails go through your domain in your name so you own the relationship from the first touch.

We’re committed to your success. We ensure you receive all the right help and support when you’re starting and scaling your influencer program. I’ve been there, done that before. So I know exactly what you need every step of the way to build an insanely profitable influencer program.

Are you ready to take the magically simple approach to influencer marketing? Try Saral out, if the answer is yes.

Thanks for reading!

Yash Chavan

Founder, Saral.

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Our origin story and why

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