SARAL Exists So Brands Can Seamlessly Build & Maintain Relationships With Creators.

Our mission is to be the simplest results-oriented influencer marketing platform DTC brands use for all-things that involve partnering with creators.

Hey everyone,

I’m Yash, the Founder & CEO at SARAL. Let me tell you why I started the company.

In late 2021, I was relaxing on a beach in Goa, India. I was there to train MMA on these mats at the American Kickboxing Academy.

But I was unable to rest and recover. The training was intense, but so were all the fires at the agency I was running at that time.

We managed to successfully scale influencer programs for brands from 0 to 100’s of influencers, but the processes were all manual.

Spreadsheets, Trello boards, always-full email inboxes. This bought in a lot of success for clients, but it was hell to manage. The system was inefficient.

Looking back, it was a good problem to have.

Most brands hardly get 10 influencers to promote them… EVER. Our brands were getting dozens every month!

The situation was clear: Our system was working better than everyone else’s. We just needed a more streamlined and effective way to manage it all.

So we went out in the market looking for software that fixes this.

Every software tool I had spoken to was too complex and too expensive. $30K for software, paid upfront annually, to manage influencers?

I had to fix this.

So we decided to pivot away from the agency model and help as many brands succeed with our system by putting it into software that guides them, automates the boring work, and isn’t complicated.

SARAL is here to do just that.

Yash Chavan,
Founder, SARAL

Our Vision

Every consumer brand will partner with influencers

This is how the future looks like. If you’re selling to consumers, you need to partner with influencers. Why?

Because they have your customers’ trust. Without trust, you can’t build a great brand.Without a trust-based marketing channel, you’re building your home on rented land.

At SARAL, we want to make this process of partnering with influencers as smooth as possible so every brand can take advantage of the shift in consumer trust from ads to ambassadors.

Our Approach

What is “Full Stack” Influencer Marketing and InfluencerOS?

The era of focusing on siloed tactics like seeding, gifting, or UGC and affiliate is about to end.

People can see it when an influencer is talking about you in a dishonest way. Consumers know if an influencer  actually uses your product regularly or not.

Your goal should be to build a community of influencers that actually love, regularly use, and frequently promote your products. This is the only way to win consumer’s trust

The way to do this is to do “Full-Stack” influencer marketing that spans different types of partnerships:

gifting image

Our goal at SARAL is to not build a “platform” that enables one of these types of partnerships, but an operating system for brands to do any collaboration they want!

We’re in your corner! 🤝

We have not raised a single penny in venture capital. Our customers are our investors. We answer to no one but you. SARAL keeps improving each month with direct user feedback.

Our competitors raise $10s of millions of dollars, pander to investors, and burn money to grow. We simply focus on helping you make profit.

Why are DTC marketing teams choosing SARAL?

All-In-One InfluencerOs

We’re pioneering full-stack influencer marketing. You can manage all types of influencer partnerships and replace 5+ tools with just one.

Easy to learn, simple to use

SARAL has the modern & friendly user experience. It’s easy to train your team and start running your influencer program in days, not weeks or months!

Transparent Pricing

Our pricing is straightforward. You pay for what you want. Scale up or down any time. No annual contracts, hidden fees,or convoluted pricing.

World-Class Support

Every plan comes with a dedicated Customer Happiness Manager. Our in-app support is always on. We fix issues and prioritize your product-feedback, which is ideal for teams on the cutting edge.

Automations & Gamification

SARAL automates the boring parts so you can focus on building relationships. It helps you create flows to reward influencers so the manual work takes care of itself!

Ready to build a full-stack influencer program?

If you want to build a community of influencers that can’t stop talking about you, consider giving the free trial a shot!