Want To Work At SARAL?

We’re one of the fastest growing global SaaS companies, with a team spread across 5+ countries.

Our People Mission

We’re on a mission to help you build your dream life in the next 5 years.

Why you should join SARAL

We’re a lean & effective team: We’re a team of < 15 people. That means, unlike a big company, you’ll get to see the results of your work and make big swings that actually matter.

At SARAL, we find meaning in the work we do and the impact we drive for our customers.

You’re obsessed with your craft: If you’re obsessed with what you do just like how an athlete is obsessed with their sport, you’re at the right place. We’re all obsessed with what we do which helps us deliver phenomenal value to customers.

You have big dreams: If you work hard towards your dreams, SARAL will be your vehicle to achieve everything you’ve wanted to. If you don’t settle for mediocre and want to work at a world-class company, SARAL is your new home.

You have an owner’s mindset: Our team is entrepreneurial in nature. They own their job and its outcomes. Everyone has a KPI they obsessively drive towards. They care about other aspects of the company and wear multiple hats. If you’re this person, you must apply!

Why you might not want to apply

We work hard: SARAL does not have 50 hour work weeks. It’s more than that, it’s hard work. The hard work is rewarded too, but if you’re looking for a place where you can stop thinking of work after 5 pm, this is not the place for you.

We’re obsessed with our craft: Everyone at SARAL is really good at what they do. We’re obsessed with our jobs and tie our identity towards being the best at our roles. If you’re not driven by a mission to get better at what you do, SARAL isn't a fit for you.

We’re scrappy: As a self-funded company, we’ve learned to operate with scarce resources. If you come from a company where throwing money at problems is the only way to solve then, this might not the the place for you.

You are ultimately accountable: We don’t have a strict hierarchy at SARAL. Everyone owns what they do, there is no one to blame if things don’t work. If you don’t like taking ownership of what you work on, don't apply!

Open Roles at SARAL

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Customer Support Rep

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Frontend Engineer

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Frontend Engineer


Not seeing open roles that fit what you’re good at?

We’re always looking for people who fit our values. We’ll figure out if you fit into a role. If not, it would be good to meet regardless. You should reach out to us with a pitch!

Know someone who might be a fit?

Introduce us to someone in your network and we’ll send you a referral reward of up to $1000 if we hire them!