What is NFT Influencer Marketing & How To Do It Ethically (Updated 2023)

Struggling to launch your NFT? NFT influencer marketing can help.

Yash Chavan

Yash Chavan

December 14, 2022

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Everyone wants to be Tesla, but not everyone’s product can drive itself. This is where NFT influencer marketing comes in very handy!

The popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is increasing more than ever, with some paying millions just to possess these unique and rare assets. 

With the widespread use of NFTs, people are getting more curious about these relatively new digital assets, which leads them to follow NFT influencers for advice and guidance on how to navigate this space.

NFT influencers are thus individuals with above-average experience in collecting, creating, and investing in NFTs. 

They’re influential in this specific field and have a big following that trusts their advice and opinion. Their popularity makes them ideal for promoting your small business and establishing it in the industry. 

With this in mind, keep reading as we cover everything you need to know about employing NFT influencer marketing!

What are NFTs?

Source Marco Verch Professional

NFTs stand for Non-Fungible Tokens, which are cryptographic assets that are present on a certain blockchain. Each asset has unique identification codes and metadata that distinguish it from others on the blockchain. 

The Money Mongers describes An NFT is not the same as a cryptocurrency; it cannot be exchanged or traded at equivalency. On the other hand, cryptocurrencies are fungible tokens that are identical to each other and can act as a medium for commercial transactions.

CryptoKitties is probably the most famous application of NFTs, which was created in November 2017. These are digital representations of cats that have unique identifications on Ethereum.

What is NFT Influencer Marketing

NFT influencer marketing is when a company in the cryptocurrency and blockchain niche partners with a well-known NFT influencer to promote its product or service.

NFT influencer marketing has grown in popularity as an effective method of promoting digital collections. When properly employed, this marketing strategy helps you reach the right audience and persuade them to make a purchase on your website. 

Additionally, make sure to optimize your website for mobile devices or invest in app development as many potential customers access platforms primarily through their phones.

The main goal of influencers in the NFT marketing space is to educate your target audience about your digital assets, hence creating organic engagement for your brand. 

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Benefits of NFT Influencer Marketing

Because the top NFT influencers have a large following and are well-known in their niche, NFT influencer marketing monetizes the power and influence they have over their followers. 

It’s no exaggeration to say that some of their followers take their opinions as gospel truth, making NFT influencer marketing particularly effective. 

You can leverage the popularity of NFT influencers to attract more eyeballs, audiences, paying customers, and investors.

Since followers will usually trust the recommendations of their favorite NTF influencer, this type of marketing can significantly help you grow your financial resources by improving your brand image and building trust and credibility.

How to Find the Right NFT Influencers

Now that you know what NFT influencer marketing is and its benefits for business growth, it’s time to pick the right NFT influencer to include in your marketing campaign. Here’s how to do it.

1. Do Your Research


You can easily find famous NFT influencers by searching for ‘best NFT influencers’ on Google. However, it would be expensive to work with them due to their massive following base. 

If you’re on a tight budget, you can dive deeper into social media platforms to find less-known NFT influencers with a good number of followers to promote your brand. 

Here are the different types of influencers that you’ll find on any platform based on the number of followers:

  • Nano influencers: These are influencers with less than 10k followers.
  • Micro-influencers: These are influencers with 10k-50k followers. They generally get the most genuine engagement compared to other influencers. 
  • Mid-tier influencers: These are influencers with 50k-500k followers. 
  • Macro influencers: These are influencers with 500k-1M followers. 
  • Mega influencers: These are influencers with more than 1M followers and are usually expensive to work with. 

As a rule of thumb, a macro influencer or micro-influencer is ideal for one to work with. But this can vary depending on your NFT influencer campaign.

The influencers you choose for your campaign should be active on social media platforms and know exactly how to improve your brand’s image and increase your sales. You can make use of analytical tools that help you gain in-depth insights into the performance of your influencer.

2. Make Sure Your NFT Influencer is Legit


Before deciding to collaborate with an NFT influencer, you want to make sure they are legit by looking at their content. If they only promote NFTs and not posting valuable, real content about NFTs, they will probably add little-to-no value to your marketing strategy.  

When seeking top NFT Influencers, make sure to double-check whether they have a demonstrated track record of working with other successful NFT collections.

Also, you want to steer clear of influencers who only post whitelist giveaways, as you don't stand to get too much exposure when working with them. 

Finally, make sure your selected NFT influencers have real followers who are genuinely interested in your niche.

3. Look At Their Personality 

When it comes to NFT influencer marketing, their personality is just as important as their experience.

You want to make sure you choose an influencer with a persona that perfectly aligns with your brand voice and values. An influencer with a suitable persona will be able to create relevant and effective content for your target audience.

4. Employ Social Listening Strategy 

Social listening is one of the best strategies you can employ to find the perfect NFT influencer for your marketing campaign. 

In case you don’t know, social listening is simply the tracking of social for brand mentions and conversations, specific topics to understand the needs of your audience, and customer feedback about your competitors. 

The main purpose of this process is to have an in-depth understanding of customer conversations—how, when, and where they take place. In other words, to understand what your target audience is looking for and what they don’t want.

Then you can use this valuable knowledge during the campaign planning stage to set it up for success, enhancing your brand image, reach, and loyalty.

5. Consider Your Budget

Depending on a variety of factors, NFT influencer marketing campaigns are priced differently. These factors include the level of experience of the influencer and the duration of the campaign.

It's a good idea to set a budget for your NFT influencer marketing strategy before you pick a crypto influencer agency. The budget you set aside for this campaign is determined by several factors, most importantly, your expected ROI.

The best way to decide if an influencer is right for you is to compare what they ask against your expected ROI. If you can’t afford to work with them and you’re unable to convince them to lower the price, keep looking until you find someone else with a better offer.

Fortunately, you can find multiple experienced crypto influencer marketing businesses that provide various pricing bundles for their services, which allows you to select the best bundle that fits your needs while staying within your budget!

To maximize the impact of your digital marketing efforts, incorporating Email marketing for cryptocurrencies as a tool in collaboration with crypto influencers can significantly amplify your message, reaching audiences deeply interested in blockchain technologies.

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How To Do NFT Influencer Marketing Ethically 

While NFT influencer marketing is a great way to build authentic connections with your target audience and promote your products, you’re playing with fire if you don’t pay close attention to the ethical aspects of this type of marketing. 

You don’t want to work with an NFT influencer who’s just in it for the money, throwing all influencer marketing obligations to their audience out the window so that they can make a few extra bucks. 

So, here’s what you need to do if you don’t want all of your NFT influencer campaign efforts to go down the drain:

1. Ensure Each and Every Post Has a Clear Disclosure

While all influencers are required by laws to disclose their relationships with brands, some still try to bend the rules and not include a clear disclosure in their posts since such disclosures might make followers shy away from reading the whole post.

So make sure your NFT influencers are using the word ‘ad,’  ‘sponsored,’ or any related word that clearly discloses your relationship with them in each sponsored post.

2. Include a Legal Disclosure Policy in Your Brand Media Kit 

A brand media kit describes everything about the brand, including its voice, mission, requirements, and guidelines for the influencer campaign. It’s crucial to include a legal disclosure policy in your media kit that clearly describe how, when, and where you want your influencers to state sponsorship. 

By including this disclosure in your contract and getting it signed by the influencer, you’ll have the right to take action in case of failure to comply from their end.

3. Keep an Eye on Your Influencers’ Posts.

Once they sign the contract and proceed to market your brand, you want to pay close attention to what they are posting to ensure everything complies with your disclosure policy. 

But it can be challenging to keep track of your influencers’ sponsored content, especially if you’re collaborating with multiple NFT influencers at the same time. In this case, we recommend using an influencer management tool or platform like Promoty to manage and monitor all your NFT influencers and collaborations.

Final Thoughts 

Never underestimate the power of NFT influencer marketing to drive organic traffic to your website, especially if your business is relatively new and small. 

You can have tons of amazing content, but if you don’t have anyone trusted to talk about it and ways to reach other audiences, there’s a slim chance to get eyes on your content and organically rise to the top. 

If you want help running your NFT influencer campaign, we highly recommend using SARAL, which is a reliable tool to find creator contact info, send outreach campaigns, and never lose track of your relationships. Sign up and try it for free! 

Influencers are influencers because they have a large following, and you can take advantage of that large audience by using influencers as a part of your marketing campaign. 

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Struggling to launch your NFT? NFT influencer marketing can help.

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