Javy Coffee's Brew-tiful Approach to Influencer Marketing (Full Breakdown)

How this coffee brand dominated Tiktok

Priya Nain

Priya Nain

January 11, 2024

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The most consumed beverage on earth is β€” coffee. And that's why the market is brimming with giants like Starbucks and Tim Hortons. These are names that have become synonymous with coffee itself, commanding loyalty that many small brands can only dream of.

It's hard for any new coffee brand to enter this market & ask coffee drinkers β€” who're usually very loyal to one brand β€” Β to switch and try them.

But Javy understood the assignment: catch the eye, tempt with a deal, and get the coffee community talking. By partnering with influencers who show Javy coffee as part of daily life, they've turned Javy Coffee from a small startup to a successful brand.

Grab your cup of coffee, and let's explore some of the tactics that Javy Coffee used to successfully collaborate with influencers, leaving the competition in the dust.

πŸ‘€ Step-by-step process of Javy's affiliate program

We signed up for Javy's affiliate program and discovered what happens at the back end when a creator signs up for it. Note that they don't have any criteria for who can join the program. This makes it easy for anyone with a following β€” small or big β€” to promote Javy's products.

πŸ“ Step 1 β€” Registration page

The journey begins with a registration page, clearly titled "Javy Affiliate Program," inviting people (influencers) to sign up and earn commissions by selling Javy products.

You can also create a landing page like this without spending on web development costs right inside SARAL.

The registration form is simple, requesting essential information like name, email, and phone number. This simplicity reduces barriers to entry, making it easy for potential influencers to apply.

πŸ”— Step 2 β€” Unique link

Upon registration, the influencer receives a confirmation that a unique referral link has been created and they can start sharing it to sell Javy and generate commission on sales.

The link is unique for each influencer and has a code that's easy to remember. The immediate provision of this link allows influencers to start promoting the products right away.

Getting this link immediately after signup provides instant gratification and encourages the influencer to start their promotional efforts quickly, knowing they can earn commissions as soon as they begin.

When you bring an influencer on board with SARAL for a collaboration, you can immediately provide them with a personalized discount code & tracking link. It eliminates the need for back-and-forth communication to set up promo codes, making the collaboration process more efficient.

πŸ“© Step 3 β€” Welcome email

The influencer also receives an email with a link confirming that they are now a Javy Coffee Ambassador.

The email emphasizes the ease and convenience of the affiliate program, dubbing it a 'convenient side hustle''. By highlighting the simplicity and potential financial rewards of the program, Javy Coffee motivates its affiliates to start promoting their products. T

The call-to-action button, "VIEW DASHBOARD," invites them to a platform where they can track their sales and earnings. This shows that the program is transparent.

πŸ“ˆ Step 4 β€” Dashboard

When you go to the dashboard, it's like a personalized hub for an affiliate where they can see:

  • Their unique link & code
  • The discount someone can get from that link & code
  • Commission they're offered
  • How much payout is due and what they're already earned

This real-time tracking is beneficial as it allows the influencer to see the impact of her marketing efforts directly and adjust her strategies accordingly. This kind of transparency and immediate feedback is motivating for affiliates.

You can build a similar transparent dashboard for your creators/affiliates from SARAL:

πŸ’° Special bonus commission

If an influencer hits a certain number of sales quickly – within the first two months, to be exact – they get a nice extra bonus. This is like a mini-challenge, with a clear goal and a time limit, which makes it a bit like a game.

It encourages affiliates to get going and put in a good effort right from the start, knowing there's a tasty reward not just for the sales they bring in, but for getting those sales fast.

For anyone managing an affiliate program, this is a golden nugget of strategy. Offering a bonus with a deadline doesn't just nudge affiliates to act, but it gives them a reason to act NOW.

🀳 Re-purposing influencer-generated content

Javy takes the content that influencers create – such as photos, videos, or reviews – and uses it for the brand's marketing purposes.

The most popular way is to re-share the content on social media.

Javy re-shares the content posted by its army of influencers on its Instagram and TikTok accounts. Influencers get tagged in the posts and get credit for the photos and videos.

It enhances brand authenticity through varied, relatable content but also saves on production costs associated with creating in-house content. This variety keeps their social media feeds fresh and engaging for their audience without a hefty investment.

For influencers, this strategy offers a win-win scenario.

When Javy Coffee shares an influencer's content and credits them, it expands the influencer's reach to a broader audience. This exposure can lead to increased follower counts for the influencer, and more importantly, potentially higher usage of their unique affiliate links, driving up their commissions from sales.

On its website, Javy Coffee uses influencer-generated content in its social proof section. This shows the popularity and usability of their products. Showcasing real-life endorsements is also a powerful, positive influence on potential customers' purchasing decisions.

They've smartly leveraged content that resonates with their primary audience β€” the younger generation that prioritizes instant gratification, and convenience, and is typically too busy for traditional coffee brewing.

Their TikTok feed is a mix of in-house content and influencer-generated content.

The variety of content – from cozy morning routines to creative iced coffee recipes – highlights the versatility of Javy's coffee. It also shows the genuine experiences of their diverse customer base.

The benefit of such a strategy is two-fold.

For the audience, it provides a relatable and trustworthy view of the product in action, much more so than traditional, high-production advertising.

For Javy Coffee, it means a constant stream of fresh and varied content that can appeal to different tastes and preferences, keeping their feed lively and engaging without the significant cost and time investment of producing content in-house.

This authenticity and variety can lead to increased engagement on social media, more organic views, and ultimately sales, without spending a lot on advertising.

πŸ“Ή Collaborating with bloggers & YouTubers

Javy Coffee's approach to influencer partnerships extends beyond typical social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. They also collaborate with bloggers and YouTubers.

If you search for Javy Coffee you can see a lot of blogs come up in the search engine. Every blog has a unique affiliate link to Javy Coffee.

YouTube videos often show up in search results, making them a valuable long-term asset for brand visibility.

Under each video, the creator adds their unique links to take viewers to Javy's website for a discounted purchase.

These platforms offer lasting visibility since youtube videos and blog posts tend to have a longer shelf life than social media posts, which can quickly become buried in a user's feed.

This strategy allows them to tap into a broader range of content styles and audiences.

For example, YouTube videos can provide in-depth reviews and tutorials on how to use Javy Coffee, reaching an audience that prefers video content and detailed demonstrations.

Bloggers can offer more nuanced, long-form content that might include personal stories, recipes, or comprehensive reviews, resonating with readers who enjoy a more intimate connection with the content creator. Blog posts can also be optimized for search engines, providing an ongoing source of traffic and potential customers.

Many DTC brands focus heavily on the visually dominant platforms of Instagram and TikTok, potentially missing out on the depth and searchability that YouTube and blogs offer. Diversifying into these channels can capture different segments of the market and cater to varied consumer preferences, enhancing overall brand reach and recognition. For any DTC brand, considering a wider array of influencer platforms can lead to more comprehensive and effective marketing strategies.

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Influencer marketing team

We looked at who's part of the influencer marketing team at Javy from their LinkedIn page and found out that there isn't a specific 'Influencer Marketing Manager' role. The strategy seems to fall under the purview of Matt Faber, who’s the 'Head of Growth'.

It could mean that influencer marketing is not a stand-alone strategy but integrated into broader growth marketing. This setup can lead to a more agile and collaborative environment.

There are 2 roles specifically for influencer marketing β€” an influencer outreach specialist and an influencer admin.

The Influencer Outreach Specialist role must be about identifying and engaging with influencers who align with the brand's values and audience. This means that the brand takes a proactive step in seeking and establishing new relationships with influencers rather than waiting for them to discover the brand.

If you're managing a brand and looking to connect with influencers without the capacity for a full-time recruitment specialist, or you want to streamline the process for your existing team, SARAL could be a helpful tool.

It's designed to simplify the search for influencers by allowing you to set specific criteria, helping you find the right match quickly.

SARAL can help you connect with these influencers through automated email campaigns. It handles finding their emails and setting up automated drip campaigns. You write the emails you want to send, schedule them, and SARAL takes care of the rest.

Try SARAL for free for 7 days. See how much more efficient it makes your process, freeing up your time and energy to focus on other aspects of your business.

The third member of the influencer marketing team is β€” 'Influencer Marketing Admin.' This indicates the importance of organization and efficiency within their influencer campaigns. This role likely involves keeping track of partnerships, managing communications and contracts, and ensuring that the logistics of the influencer marketing efforts run smoothly.

πŸ‘‰ Takeaways for DTC brands from Javy influencer marketing breakdown:

  • Keep sign-up processes simple, like Javy Coffee's registration page. This encourages more influencers to join your program without feeling overwhelmed by complex procedures.
  • Provide influencers with unique links and codes right away. Immediate tools mean they can start promoting and earning quickly, which is a big motivator.
  • Communicate the benefits. Javy Coffee's welcome email outlines the affiliate program's ease and potential earnings, urging new influencers to get started.
  • Use a dashboard for transparency. It lets influencers track their progress and earnings, which can encourage them to optimize their strategies for better results.
  • Offer time-sensitive bonuses. Special commission for early sales targets adds a sense of urgency and can drive quick action.
  • Re-share influencer content on your platforms. It authenticates your brand and saves you the cost and effort of creating new content.
  • Don't overlook blogs and YouTube. They offer long-term visibility and reach a different audience than social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok.
  • Integrate influencer marketing into your broader growth strategy. This can create a more dynamic and adaptable approach, rather than having it siloed.
  • Make use of specialized roles for outreach and administration to keep your influencer campaigns organized and proactive.

As we wrap up, the final takeaway is Β β€”

πŸ’‘ Stop juggling between Google Sheets and manual methods.

They might seem cost-effective, but the true cost is in the opportunities you miss out on - both in terms of revenue and scaling potential.

Try out tools like SARAL(for free!) to simplify finding and communicating with influencers. Automated systems can save time and streamline your marketing efforts.

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How this coffee brand dominated Tiktok

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