4 Ways to Repurpose Influencer Content (With Real-life Examples)

Get more mileage from influencer content: repurpose it across platforms.

Priya Nain

Priya Nain

June 15, 2023

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You've meticulously cultivated relationships with creators that align with your brand and help you reach your target audience. But, are you truly maximizing the potential of these partnerships?

πŸ’‘ What if you could take that one piece of influencer content and stretch it to amplify your brand message across diverse platforms? What if that one familiar, trusted face could contribute more to your brand's storytelling?

πŸ”„ It's possible by repurposing influencer content beyond just re-sharing their post on your brand's Instagram account.

In this blog, we will explore 5 creative ways to repurpose influencer content, enabling you to maximize its impact and extract the most value from your collaboration.

πŸ“ƒ Before you repurpose any content

Securing proper usage rights and negotiating fees for repurposing influencer content is the foundation of a strong influencer partnership.

As a brand, you need to be clear about your intentions to repurpose the influencer's content, specifying in what ways and on which platforms you plan to use it. The conversation needs to occur right from the inception of your partnership.

In some cases, you may need to provide additional incentives or negotiate further to take your influencer partnership to the next level. The exact terms and conditions will vary depending on the influencer and the specifics of your agreement. Be sure to document all the agreed-upon details in your contract or email thread to avoid any misunderstandings.

Several factors can influence the fee you pay for repurposing influencer content:

  • The number of followers: Higher the number, the more the demand for compensation.
  • Placement: Consider the market and channels where you will use the content.
  • Format: Different formats (posts, reels, stories, videos) may have varying costs.
  • Duration: Longer usage rights beyond the standard 1-3 months may increase fees.

Note: If you build an ambassador program, you likely don't have to pay a lot extra for the content rights.

🀳 1β€” Reshare creator post on the brand's social media account

Next time you see a stellar influencer post featuring your product, don't just double-tap and scroll past.

➰ Reshare it on your social media account.

If the influencer's aesthetic doesn't perfectly match your brand's vibe, tweak the creative a little bit. Adding borders in your brand's colors can bring everything in sync while maintaining the original charm of the influencer's post.

πŸ‘ Here's an example of how Loop Earplugs did it with a creator's post.

Original creator post:

Post repurposed on Loop Earplugs' Instagram account:

An important point to note is to always, always credit the influencer when resharing their content. This not only shows respect and fosters good relationships, but it can also save you money as most influencers would allow you to reshare their content for free if credited correctly.

🀸 Let's look at Gymshark, a fitness apparel brand that has nailed this strategy. Gymshark regularly reshares content from their vast community of influencers and creators, filling their social feed with diverse, authentic, and engaging posts. And by doing that, they're not just promoting their products, they're building a community.

But the benefits of this strategy aren't just one-sided. When brands reshare influencer posts, it helps the influencers gain followers and credibility too, which is ultimately what they're also aiming for. And their growing followers in-turn help the brand too.

⭐ 2β€” Use influencer content as a testimonial on your website

When you think of influencer content, what comes to mind? Pictures? Videos? Sure, those are definitely part of it, but let's also look at words too.

The statements influencers write or say about your brand, their reviews and statements, those are precious pieces of content too, and the best part? They can often be repurposed at no extra cost!

Let's say you've sent your product as a gift to an influencer (it's called product seeding), and they've loved it enough to post a review video. With their permission, you can extract the praise-filled statements from their review and use these as testimonials on your website. ✨

πŸ… Testimonials offer social proof, build trust, and add a layer of authenticity to your brand. When a potential customer sees a familiar face vouching for your product, it resonates with them, making them more likely to give your product a try.

πŸ” Let's look at how Athletic Greens used this tactic.

They took glowing statements from their influencer, Andrew Huberman, and featured them on their homepage.

They also used a picture of Tim Ferriss and wrote 'Tim's All-in-One Daily Supplement.' This increases credibility and connection with their target audience.

πŸ›’ Testimonials are one of the most effective ways to push people who are on the edge of making a purchase decision to actually purchase the product. And when these testimonials come from influencers that your audience admires, they become even more impactful.

The next time you get a rave review from an influencer, don't just be content with the immediate engagement. Think of the bigger picture. Think of how you can extract those precious words of praise and showcase them on your website.

πŸ’³ 3β€” Use creator content in paid ads

Imagine being at a crowded party. There are hundreds of faces, but then you spot your friend across the room. What happens next? You'd likely pause whatever you're doing and go over to chat with them, right? This very human instinct also translates to the online world - especially when it comes to advertising.

πŸ‘€ When people see a familiar influencer's face in an ad they stop scrolling, and pay attention. And those 3-4 seconds of undivided focus are golden for any brand and can improve the chances of conversion. By incorporating influencer content in their paid ads, brands can drastically reduce their Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and improve sales.

Brightland, an olive oil brand used micro-creator content in their campaigns and A/B tested them with their business-as-usual content. The data revealed that combining micro-creator assets with their regular business content led to 25% more purchases and 20% lower costs per purchase compared to using business-as-usual content alone.

πŸ” Another brilliant example of this strategy in action is the makeup brand, simplynam.beauty.

Simplynam didn't invest in costly photo shoots for their ad campaign. Instead, they smartly repurposed content produced by influencer Shivani Bafna. Every time a fan of Shivani saw her face in the ad, they stopped scrolling, boosting the ad's visibility and brand awareness.

Shivani's profile:

Showing a beloved influencer using a product doesn't just grab attention, it also ramps up credibility. People trust the influencer, so you think, "Hey, if they're using it, it's probably worth checking out!" This indirect endorsement sparks interest and also fosters trust in the brand.

πŸ‘‰ The next time you plan your ad strategy, remember to use your influencer content. It's a simple, cost-effective, and easy way to stand out, grab attention, and drive conversions.

πŸ–ΌοΈ 4β€” Create in-store posters and displays

Instead of shelling out a big chunk of money to hire a glossy ad agency, Crocs turned to their influencer community.

They took a fantastic image of an influencer donned in their vibrant clogs, and put it right on their shop window. It made people stop, look at it and may have influenced them to walk in the store.

πŸ” Let's take another example of Pura Vida.

When they opened their new store, they could've easily followed the traditional route - hire a top-notch ad agency, rope in models, and the works. But they did something different. They took their influencer-generated content - images of influencers adorning their pretty, chic bracelets - and transformed those into vibrant in-store posters.

This makes shoppers feel an instant connection. Seeing real people, just like them, enjoying the product makes them more inclined to try it themselves.

Here's another example of repurposing influencer content by Crocs in their window posters.

πŸ‘‰ How can you leverage it for your own brand?

Creators are real people showcasing your products in their real lives. They offer authenticity, relatability, and familiarity - three ingredients that make customers feel connected to a brand.

When deciding to use influencer-generated content in posters or billboards, choose images that best tell your brand's story and fit the style.

And if you can’t choose just one, consider creating a photo collage using an online tool like Picsart. There are plenty of templates you can use, like grids and montages, that bring out the best features of your influencer-backed images.

You can transform the images into posters, billboards, or interactive displays. Place them strategically in your store, where they're sure to catch the eye.

This way, you're not only saving big on expenses, but you're also creating a shopping experience that's personal, engaging, and reflective of your brand's ethos.

Manage your influencer marketing efforts from one platform

Managing all these repurposing strategies can feel overwhelming, especially if you're dealing with multiple influencers and platforms.

That's where SARAL comes into play.

πŸŽ‰ SARAL is an all-in-one, affordable influencer marketing platform that helps you easily find, manage, and track influencers in any niche from one centralized platform.

Imagine having a centralized hub where you can efficiently handle all your influencer marketing needs. That's what SARAL offers.

If you want to amplify your influencer content and wish to have a simplified, streamlined process for doing so, SARAL is your perfect partner. Claim your 7-day free trial here.


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Get more mileage from influencer content: repurpose it across platforms.

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