Become a SARAL-powered Agency

Boost your team’s efficiency and get better results for your clients using SARAL. Agencies are claiming 20% discounts on pricing upon singing up for 5 of their clients.

No user limits. No contracts. Cancel anytime.

How can my agency use this?

When you use SARAL for your clients, you’re simply going to get better results for them. That’s a fact tested with 50+ brands.

We built SARAL keeping the brand first. Brands are already successful when they use SARAL in-house. Now, you can use it to shine in your client’s eyes by delivering exceptional results.

Here are some types of agencies using SARAL right now…

No Contracts. Cancel anytime.

Influencer Marketing agencies

That run influencer campaigns for their clients are using SARAL to manage their client’s campaigns, from discovery to outreach.
SARAL offers you the best-fit influencers for your brand. In just a few clicks, you can find and save 100s of influencers. With us, you never run out of influencers to reach out to.

→ SARAL gives you the power to expand beyond just your current roster and send spam-proof outreach.
→ You can show weekly and monthly project reports to your clients
→ Get your whole team on SARAL to manage different parts of the process. We don’t charge extra per seat.

Talent Management agencies

who act as a bridge between talent and their clients are using SARAL to grow their talent roster, manage communication, and operate elegantly.

→ Move away from messy spreadsheets.
→ Grow your talent roster with automated outreach.
→ Manage email communication, maintain history, send contracts.
→ Add multiple managers, no extra fees!

UGC and Paid Media agencies

Who work with brands to generate ad creatives are using SARAL to reach out to 100’s of new nano-influencers, manage conversations efficiently, share creative guidelines and produce UGC for their clients.

→ Get UGC for your clients by tapping into our huge network of 150M+ creators. Stop using saturated marketplaces.
→ Give your clients a dashboard to look at your progress.
→ Seed products in-bulk to 100’s of creators at once, no manual effort!

Marketing agencies

Whose clients ask them about influencers, use SARAL and our resources to execute successful influencer marketing programs.

→ Our software makes influencer marketing simple and easy, even if you’re new to this world.
→ We’ll send you resources and guide with strategy to make your clients successful.
→ Create a new revenue channel for your agency by adding influencer marketing as a service

How does this compare to other platforms?

You could use 5 separate tools…


Minimum monthly cost

Database for influencer search
Email sending tool
Management CRM
Inbound applications tool
Tracking and reporting tool
VA’s for management
Total Cost
$1200/mo + a headache every week 😓

You could go with one of our competitors that will...

Limit your program’s growth by capping your influencer’s managed
Force you to hop on 3 sales calls before they reveal pricing
Make you pay $10,000+ upfront without even testing the tool
Tie you into an annual contract you can’t exit even if you hate their app
Sabotage your profit margins, and your influencer program!
Total cost: $8,000 - $40,000 per year paid upfront, depending on which one of our competitors you go for.

Your best investment? Try SARAL:

Unlimited users. Unlimited influencers. Unlimited emails. No cap!
Clear, upfront pricing. Flexible and affordable influencer contact data.
No artificial feature limits. You get all our features in every plan.
No annual contract. Only a monthly commitment. Cancel anytime.
$0 upfront. Try for free!
No Contracts. Cancel anytime.

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