The 90-day transformation that gets you influencers automatically

This 90-day influencer marketing transformation is a limited done-for-you service where we personally setup and scale your influencer program, taking your DTC brand from nobody to superstar in just 3 months.

Why book a Call With Me?

I’ve scaled multiple influencer programs from scratch to having over 350 creators promoting brands.
Me and my team have worked with 25+ brands over the last 2 years scaling influencer programs. We have experts such as Jason Falls and Neal Schaffer (google them) working with us.
We know the space so well, we’re building software that gives you an unfair advantage.
We guarantee results, or you get your money back.
We'll teach you all the insider secrets, show you how to manage your program with limited time so you never have to pay fat retainers to an agency again.

My 90-day platinum promise to you

What would 50 influential creators promoting your products, in under 90 days, mean for your topline?

Give me 30 days, and you’ll get at-least 10 influencers promoting your brand OR you get your money back and keep all the bonus material listed below.

In the first 90-days, your brand will have a MINIMUM of 50 ambassadors promoting you to their audiences OR we keep working for free until you hit that number.

We’ll use insider creator vetting techniques, proven outreach templates, years of dealmaking experience, and engage with creators on a personal level to give you the edge. With the Automatic Influencers program, you're not only miles ahead of brands still blind to influencer marketing - you have an edge over others due to our software too.

⚙️Wait, you need these tools...


It’s not just us running your program for you and throwing in the towel after a few months. We’ll equip you with the best tools and ammo you need to keep the program going and scale it to the moon.

On top of the transformation program, you get all these baller benefits

50 creators MINIMUM guaranteed within 90 days.
Access to Nobody to Superstar influencer marketing playbook ($500+ value).
Access to DM and Email templates that guarantee 35%+ response rates ($200+ value).
Early access to features of Saral so you can gain an edge with advanced tracking, creator recommendations, shipping notifications, and more! (forever).
Access to a special dealmaking flowchart that ensures you never lose money on influencers ($200+ value).
Playbook to source authentic ad creatives for your brand and keep FB ads from going stale ($1000+ value).
Access to invite-only slack group with influencer marketers across industries for collective learning.
Special introductory pricing for Saral... forever at $99/mo.


💎My Golden Guarantee

We will get you 10 creators talking about your brand within the first month of working together, or you get your money back and KEEP all the baller bonuses.
Your brand will have minimum 50 influential ambassadors in the first 90 days. Or we keep working until you have them (for free)

Automatic Influencers is the most risk-free way to get started with influencer marketing and surviving the adpocalypse. We’re only able to make these promises because we know that our process works.

Agencies will trap you into a (much higher) retainer forever, and keep increasing it as they grow your roster of creators. They penalise you for your own growth.

Doing it yourself will take time and effort, lots of money will be lost on experimentation.

Instead, let us do it for you and we’ll hand over the keys and secrets to you when it works, then you can run it effortlessly in-house

So what’s it gonna cost?

If you have read this far along, it means you can see that our program is different from cookie-cutter agencies. We work with a limited set of brands and customize our strategy, approach, templates & offers based on what’s best for your brand.

Most agencies will charge you a heavy retainer or tier their plans by limiting the number of influencers they get on board... Our methods may get you 100s of creators promoting your brand, and we don't charge extra for it.

Automatic Influencers = Unlimited upside with protected downside.

Once you join the program, we will be

Doing things others simply do not do.
Tailoring everything to ensure your success.
Our strategy has translated to over $30,000 in monthly sales for brands.

How much would you pay for an additional $100k - $300k added to your brand's bottom line?

We should be charging a lot more as we not only do it for you, but we also teach you how to maintain and grow it to the moon.

The Automatic Influencers program is an investment of just $5000 per month for 3 months.

Remember, you get your money back if there aren’t at-least 10 creators promoting your brand 30 days after we get set up. In 3 months, we’ll have a MINIMUM of 50 creators on your roster promoting your brand, or we’ll keep working for free until we do.

This won’t work for everybody

The Automatic Influencers program is restricted for brands serious about influencer marketing.

We do not work with the next Joe Schmo brand. We will vet the right kind of brand to work with and deliver outsized returns in the next 3 months for you.

We are only accepting 5 brands in our introductory cohort for the next 3 months. You will be receiving the most tailored service, at the lowest price ever, with the most number of baller benefits possible. BUT, you need to qualify.

Only book a call if you and your team...

Is willing to spend at-least 1 hour per week on influencer marketing.
Has the resources to assist us with shipping products - you have to ship free product to influencers to post about you.
Believe that Influencer marketing can work for your brand and do your best to make it happen.
Are willing to invest resources to create a profitable growth channel for your brand.
Value sales above likes and brand awareness or clout.
Be willing to maintain the channel once it gets going (takes <4h/week with our blueprints and frameworks).
Agree to keep all the baller benefits material confidential.

If this sounds like you then you will see that this investment in your brand’s future will take it from nobody to superstar and our results will blow you away. Beyond our call lies a future...

A future where you are no longer dependent on Facebook ads for growth, a future where changes to policies and guidelines by BigTech do not kill your brand’s revenue, and a future where your brand resides in your buyers’ collective headspace because you tapped into the right sources of influence at the right time.

Let's talk

On this call we will...

Discuss if you’re a right fit for the program.
Explain our process that gets results.
Give you a walkthrough of how we’ll work together.

By the end of 3 months, we will have set up and systematized an influencer program for your brand good enough for you to continue managing it in-house. We’re not an agency that’ll keep charging you retainers and %’s for growth. We’ll do it for you, give you the best practices customised to your brand, and help you scale it to the moon.

What do you say?

What do you say

Yash Chavan
Founder, Saral