The FASTEST way to jumpstart a profitable influencer marketing program for your ecommerce brand & get influencers promoting you in less than a month

Before you know it, you’d have influencers knocking on your door wanting to be commission-only ambassadors for your brand

In 2023, having influencers promote your ecommerce brand is more-than-necessary.

The age of cheap clicks via Facebook is long gone.

Consumers (that’s you and me) — we don’t trust ads anymore.

But you know what we’ll always trust? Recommendations and Word-of-Mouth.

Influencers are simply word-of-mouth at scale. Instead of one customer talking to 5 of their friends, it’s one influential customer talking to 50,000 of their fans.

That is powerful.

Having a community of influential advocates promoting your brand non-stop helps you build a recession-proof moat around your brand.

And it translates into a lot more than just sales.

Once you set up an influencer program, you get:

More ka-chings on your Shopify app

An insane amount of UGC

Higher consumer trust

Stand out with trustworthy ads

Better life-time value and loyalty

A profitable acquisition channel

Influencer Marketing is the only channel which compounds and complements all your other efforts, making your life easier.

😨 But every time you think about doing influencer marketing, all you see is a huge mountain you need to climb & a number of unanswered questions that you don’t have the time or the energy to think about right now, with everything else going on in your business.

Which influencers will promote us?

How much do I pay them?

Where do I find them?

Are these $10k/mo agency retainers really worth it?

What will be my strategy?

I’ll need someone to manage this for me…

Influencers charge a lot, I’ll just lose money

In the end, you just say “Argh, fuck it!” and move on to increasingly expensive Facebook ads or hoping customers will come.

That’s understandable. But the status quo is not a viable long-term option. You’re losing out on all the additional sales, awareness boost, UGC, customer trust and loyalty that influencers would bring to your brand.

Which is why I present to you:


The simplest, safest, and most affordable system to build an influencer marketing channel that’s set up for success from the get-go.

We break all those barriers for you, do all the hard work, answer all the looming questions, and set up a brand-spanking-new marketing channel for your brand so you get influencers promoting you for commission-only.

In short, We climb the mountain and you enjoy the view from the top.

Note that this is not an agency that’ll charge you on a recurring basis. We simply come in for a month, set you up for success, and offer ongoing consulting after that as you need. More on this below…

Most brands hardly get a few influencers shouting them out, and most brands simply waste money on agencies and paying influencers upfront.

Our systems are proven to get brands 50+ influencers in just 3 months. Consumer brands have generated over $100,000 in net-new sales using our methods.

🤨 How are we able to get you results that are leaps-and-bounds beyond most other brands?

We don’t take a conventional approach to influencers.

We are not paying for posts, and neither are we running an affiliate program.

What we deploy is a unique relationship-first approach to getting vocal brand ambassadors to promote your brand non-stop.


We built a whole platform around our process (which you can access for free once you join) that helps you continue managing and growing your influencer program without much effort. It automates the boring work!

Most brands hardly get a few influencers speaking about them at once.

That’s not a marketing channel. That’s an expensive hobby.

You probably already know all this, which is why you’re reading this far. You understand the importance and value of setting up an influencer channel for your brand.

But you have not yet. Why?

Because agencies and software tools have made it seem too damn expensive and too damn difficult!

When you consider doing influencer marketing, you’re hit with:

Software companies asking you to hop on 3 sales calls before they reveal that they charge $25,000 upfront for their clunky and complicated solution

Agencies costing $10,000 per month retainers only to connect you with their own roster of influencers (who already post about your competitors)

A looming sense of dread that this “whole influencer thing” is only meant for big brands with deep pockets and large amounts of money to blow.

The people and solutions in the market have made it seem more difficult for you than it actually is.

After successfully scaling all these brands' influencer programs, we understood the truth about influencer marketing…

The truth about influencer marketing is that if you have the right systems, strategy, and processes in place — you can build a successful influencer program IN-HOUSE for a fraction of the time and money invested.

In just about two weeks of working with us, you will:

Stand out from your competition as we’ll create a tailor-made influencer marketing strategy for your brand

Get influencers wanting to work with your brand (instead of your competition) with a custom Ideal Creator Profile

Receive a list of 100 high quality influencers who speak to your future customers (with contact info)

Get a custom email outreach script written for your brand which gets 30%+ response rates from influencers once you email them.

Payment & Commission structure to make sure you’re unit profitable on every influencer you work with,  i.e. you never lose money

Negotiation tactics to get creators to promote you for commission-only (pay no money upfront!)

Receive a branded form which you can use to collect applications from influencers on-autopilot (you will soon start getting inbound requests)

Get set up with a system inside of SARAL which you’re able to run in just a few hours each week to get 50+ influencers promoting your brand in just a couple of months.

Set up ROI tracking so you know how much money you make exactly and stop playing the guessing game with influencers

Invite you to a private slack channel with access to me and my team for ongoing consulting and help. We don’t abandon you after a month, you always have access to us 1:1.

Just this will set you up for levels of success with influencers that most brands will never see. But also…

Optionally, we’ll connect you with a vetted and trained influencer marketing manager whom you can hire (if you want someone to manage the program for you)

Or, we can train someone on your team to run this for you so you never have to work with an expensive agency again.

In short, we do all of the work for you and set you up for success with influencers PLUS offer ongoing consulting so you have a team of experts to tap into at all times.

🤫Agencies want to keep these methods a secret so they can charge you $10k retainers.

In short, we do all of the work for you and set you up for success with influencers PLUS offer ongoing consulting so you have a team of experts to tap into at all times.

As a small brand, you want sales. Money in the bank. That’s what our methods get you.

As a small brand, you want sales. Money in the bank. That’s what our methods get you.

How much is a $100K/year marketing channel worth?

How much is avoiding wasting $10K/mo on agency retainers worth?

How much is avoiding all the common pitfalls that brands make worth?

In a way, our program is almost free given the outcomes you will see and the bonuses you get (listed below)..

The ASSISTED program is a one-time investment of $2500 into your business.

Plus, we offer a money back guarantee.

For some reason, if you’re unsatisfied or don’t see at least 10 influencers saying yes to working with you within a month of using our systems – I’ll refund you completely AND you get to keep every single bonus we send your way (along with ongoing consulting to actually make you successful).

But there is just one catch…

This is for serious brands only. We limit it to just 5 brands every month.

We’ve dealt with brands in the past that wish to do influencer marketing but don’t want to be in it for the long run…

They just want a few influencers to promote them because they see their competitor doing it. If this is you, ASSISTED will not work for you.

But if you understand that building an influencer program is likely the only way to build a sustainable marketing channel in today’s times AND are committed to doing it for months after we set you up with all the good stuff — then you should sign up.

If this is you then you will understand that the $2500 is not an expense but just an investment into your business that will catapult your brand to new heights. It’s a small down-payment on the kind of money you will be making in just a few months after having us jumpstart you.

That is powerful.

Having a community of influential advocates promoting your brand non-stop helps you build a recession-proof moat around your brand.

You also get these free BONUSES!😍

Get our playbook on finding influencers without using expensive database tools

One month’s free access to SARAL so you don’t have to worry about having a platform to manage it all

A comprehensive Influencer Vetting Checklist to ensure you select the most authentic creators for your campaigns

We’ll automate bulk shipping and tracking so you don’t waste your time doing this

We’ll set you up with a system inside SARAL so you can run your influencer program in less than 2-3 hours per week

Optionally, we’ll train someone on your team with our SOP’s so they know all the good stuff and become your in-house influencer marketing expert

Set up an application form that turns your customers into ambassadors along with Klaviyo flows to automate this for you

Getting posts is just step one. There’s many more things you can do to re-use the UGC and get the most out of your campaigns. I’ll send you our playbook on maximizing ROI with influencers.

Our Ascension Plan on building relationships with the right influencers and making them stick with your brand exclusively for years to come!

Receive a custom list of 100+ influencers you can reach out to right away (along with high-converting cold email templates)

Read all of that again.

Like I promised initially, this is the most easy and simple way to avoid all the pitfalls & mistakes most brands spend 10’s of $1000’s of dollars making.

Why is this limited to just 5 brands a month? 🤔

We want to ensure the highest quality service for all our brands so we’re able to take on only 1 brand per week at the moment. This is how we’re able to get the results we get.

After just two weeks from when you start,  your downside with influencers will be near-zero and you’ll have most of the hard work done, all the systems set, and all your future problems solved.

All you need to do is sit back, relax, and watch influencers pop up in your inbox saying “Yes, I’d love to be part of your brand ambassador program!”

To recap, you have two options (both are risk-free):

  1. Do nothing and carry on… OR
  2. Book your spot on the ASSISTED program, let us set you up with a profitable marketing channel, and if you don’t see at least 10 influencers on your program in a month - we’ll send you your money back.
The choice is yours.

Remember, we only accept 5 brands each month - so don’t wait to take advantage of this offer. If you’ve always wanted to do influencer marketing but never took it seriously because of all the barriers you need to overcome, this is the program for you.

Speak About Getting Started

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