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#Paid vs. SARAL Comparison

Unlimited Creators under Management
Free chrome extension
Spam-proof automated outreach
Relationship Management
Monthly commitment, cancel anytime
Robust Discovery that "just works"
Find any influencer on the planet
Ship and track products
You own the relationship with influencers
Dashboard for your creators

We’ll be honest, they have some things we don’t

You're restricted by the reach of marketplace
Long-ass sales calls
Saturated influencer feeds
Charges extra for more influencers managed
User limits
Unfair annual contracts
They own your influencer relationships

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No Contracts. Cancel anytime.
We make it dead-ass simple to run an influencer program… and that’s an understatement.

You don’t have to listen to me, here’s what our customers have to say…

“It’s fast, it’s cool, it’s easy. I can just run it right off the bat. I don’t have patience to look at so many stats in other tools. With SARAL, I can just get data that I truly need and get shit done!”
Danika Dim
Influencer Marketing Lead
Building a community of influencers is CRITICAL for ecommerce success in 2023. If you go the traditional way - influencers become a resource drain. An ambassador program built using modern tools fixes these problems. We're seeing this strategy crush it with some of our clients. SARAL has got a unique relationship-first approach to this which is unlike any other tool I’ve used before. Find influencers, personalize outreach emails at scale, track performance, and automate the boring work. The free trial is worth checking out!
Chase Dimond
Top Ecom Email Marketer & Partner at Structured
Before, my team and I had problems with organization for our influencer marketing. Through using SARAL, we were able to keep track of all our influencers and increased our response rate for them to test out our product. It saved a lot of time for our Social Media Assistant!
Patricia Redulla
Marketing Manager
We hire 2-3 people per account to "curate" lists. We feature this as our "hand curated lists". But honestly, this is SO much better and so much automation already. I love that it automatically finds influencers!
Maia Benaim
The SARAL platform is everything I was looking for to help build, launch, and manage our affiliate/influencer marketing strategy! From identifying and reaching out to influencers specifically within our niche, to back-end operational support tools to help track performance, SARAL has it all. Additionally, the team is solid and super responsive and helpful. 10/10 would recommend to any brand looking to scale and manage a successful influencer marketing strategy!
Chris Manus
For small business owners with no time to focus on influencers and follow up (me!), Saral is honestly, AMAZING. They are always "on", no micro-managing their team which is so important as other platforms do not have such dedicated and responsible teams. Believe me, I have tried them all. RESULTS matter and they WIN here!
Kelli Klus
From influencer discovery and outreach to overseeing the status of campaigns, SARAL organizes all the moving pieces of our program. Massive time saver.
Zach Grove
Director of Marketing
"Yash is a superhero. I've modeled most of my life decisions not around a specific what but a who--don't choose a class, choose a professor to study under, etc. Even though I'm new to SARAL and have barely dipped beyond the surface of its functionalities, I know that Yash is the real deal, so I will stick by him."
Finnegan Shepard
CEO, founder
I was overwhelmed with managing dozens of Google sheets. I really love how SARAL has streamlined this process, I can literally open the relationship view inside SARAL and track which influencers are in which stage and I can even filter them with tags. SARAL is by far the most efficient, clean and affordable influencer marketing tool I've used till date.
Ambuj Vats
Influencer Marketing Lead
SARAL was able to connect us to suitable influencers in a timely and professional manner.
Sara Tellez
Marketing Specialist
SARAL has completely changed the way I approach influencer marketing! With its intuitive user interface and advanced analytics, SARAL easily finds the perfect influencers for any campaign and also offers powerful tools to manage and optimize campaigns. I can check engagement rates or save creators while browsing my lists directly with the chrome extension on IG, TT, and YT! SARAL has everything I need to run an Influencer Marketing Campaign.
Influencer Marketing Specialist
“SARAL is awesome so far! Made my life so much more efficient.”
Siva Dhamotharan
Chief Marketing Officer
What a great find - SARAL! This single platform is just what I had been searching for when it comes to running campaigns. There’s no need to fuss around with multiple tabs and tools, since SARAL is an ‘all-in-one’. Navigating SARAL is easy and makes work a breeze. Knowing that things will only get better in terms of SARAL’s development is exciting and inspiring!
Stephanie Joney
Saral has been a game-changer for our influencer marketing strategy. Before we found Saral, sourcing and managing influencers on social platforms was a time-consuming and difficult process. But with Saral, we were able to source 300 TikTok and YouTube influencers in a matter of hours and onboard 20+ influencers in just a few weeks. It's a very user friendly tool that made it easy for us to find the right influencers for our brand and streamline our communication and collaboration with them. I highly recommend Saral to any business looking to level up their influencer marketing efforts.
Daniel Cruz
Head of Growth
If you are wanting to know how to find brand ambassadors to promote your products, I definitely recommend using SARAL. It is a really really easy tool to use, very user friendly! I haven't even used it for a week but I found so much value & it gave me so much time back. I have all the influencers ready to go!"
Brittney Bundles

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