GRIN vs. CreatorIQ for your Influencer Marketing Program

Choosing one out of two very expensive tools is hard. Let us help you find which is perfect for your brand.
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October 23, 2022
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Betty Ganai
Customer Success at SARAL

If you’re looking for an influencer marketing platform, you might already have come across GRIN and CreatorIQ. These are two of the best online platforms that you can use for influencer marketing to increase your brand’s sales.

If you’re looking for a solution for influencer marketing for your mid-large sized brand, you can go with GRIN. It can integrate with your online store to create a virtual sales team of influencers. Whereas, if you have a bigger business and are looking for a solution with advanced social CRM features, you can check out CreatorIQ.

Let’s discuss GRIN Vs CreatorIQ in detail to help you determine which influencer marketing platform is better for your business.

GRIN Vs CreatorIQ: Comparison Chart


GRIN Vs. CreatorIQ: Features Comparison

Both GRIN and CreatorIQ come with long lists of features that can help you grow your network of influencers to drive more traffic and sales. Read the features of each platform carefully to choose the one that suits you better.

GRIN Features

GRIN was founded back in 2014 and offers the following features to find, recruit, and nurture influencers and turn them into a virtual sales team.

Faceted Influencer Search

GRIN allows you to search for influencers on major social media platforms using the faceted influencer search feature. It means you can set search criteria and find the most relevant influencers for your brand.

There is also a built-in database, consisting of millions of influencers on different social media platforms, to make the searching process easier. Once you have found the right influencers, you can contact them using their personal information to start building relationships.

Influencer Relationship Management

After contacting influencers, you’ll need to make sure that you form long-lasting and revenue-generating relationships. That’s where the platform’s relationship management tool comes into place.

It helps you manage and nurture your partnerships with influencers through emails. You’ll find pre-built email templates to send emails to multiple individuals at the same time.

This management tool will help you track your email campaigns by providing you with information about the email response rate. You can also use the payment system that GRIN offers to make payments to influencers easily.


You can integrate GRIN with a variety of e-commerce platforms including Shopify, Magneto, Salesforce, and WooCommerce. It’ll allow you to manage and track your influencer marketing campaigns in one place. This feature can also help you share your products with influencers based on their tastes to increase sales.

Influencer Campaign Tracking

GRIN provides you with an advanced influencer campaign tracking system so that you can monitor the real-time results of your marketing campaigns.

It offers everything you need to track critical key performance indicators, such as the campaign’s initial budget, expenses, and ROI. You can also track key metrics of the posts shared by influencers, including views, reach, and engagement.

Content Management Features

Content management is one of those features that not many influencer marketing tools offer. It allows you to monitor, access, and even repurpose all the influencer and user-generated content.

There’s a dedicated tool that allows you to search the content using different filters, like hashtags, post type, and performance, and you can also download it if needed.

CreatorIQ Features

CreatorIQ is one of the leading and well-reputed online solutions for influencer marketing and it offers the following features.


Faceted Influencer Search

Just like DRIN, CreatorIQ also offers a comprehensive faceted influencer search tool. It allows you to search for influencers and content creators in different ways, such as by affinities, ethnicity, gender, age, location, and content topic.

There is also an advanced search option that helps you search for specific individuals based on their name, bio, and even image. The search results include some key metrics, like active audience score and number of followers to choose the best influencers.

One unique feature that the CreatorIQ influencer search feature offers is that it informs you whether or not an influencer has worked with your competitors or not.

Social CRM

It’s probably the most important feature of CreatorIQ, in terms of influencer management. This is where you will store all your creator and influencer data. You’ll also find a detailed overview of each influencer’s social media profiles/pages, which will help you choose individuals who can drive maximum traffic and revenue.

Marketing Campaign Management

The marketing campaign management system of CreatorIQ allows you to run and manage all your campaigns conveniently. Whether you want to drive traffic, increase sales, or improve brand awareness, this system will help you achieve that.

It provides you with information about the current status of your campaigns through real-time notifications. You can track important KPIs, such as views and clicks on your posts and traffic and revenue generated by influencers.

There is also a forecasting tool that generates predictions based on the current performance of your campaigns. It helps you make necessary changes to improve your marketing tactics to generate more sales.


CreatorIQ offers APIs for major social and e-commerce platforms so that you can manage and track everything related to marketing in one place. It’ll help you take the guesswork out of your marketing strategies and create and execute campaigns based on real-time data.

Reports and Analytics

CreatorIQ platform automatically generates different types of reports so that you can see results in real-time. You can also make customized reports based on your needs to monitor results generated by your influencers and creators.

These reports help you see top influencers with the highest performing content, a comparison between paid and organic traffic, and overall revenue generated by influencers.

GRIN Vs. CreatorIQ: Pricing and Subscription Structure

Being SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms, both CreatorIQ and GRIN offer their services on subscription bases.


CreatorIQ doesn’t share information about its pricing publicly. You’ll need to request a demo to schedule a call and provide information about your company. It’ll help the platform specialist of CreatorIQ to suggest the features that you need and create a suitable subscription plan.


Just like CreatorIQ, GRIN also doesn’t share details about its subscription pricing. The company creates a customized subscription plan for each business based on its size, goals, and current influencer marketing status.

GRIN Vs. CreatorIQ: Pros and Cons

Both GRIN and CreatorIQ have their own pros and cons that you must consider before deciding between the two platforms.

GRIN: Pros and Cons

CreatorIQ: Pros and Cons

GRIN Vs. CreatorIQ: Alternative

If you feel that both GRIN and CreatorIQ aren’t suitable for your brand’s influencer marketing needs, you can consider SARAL. It’s a simpler and more affordable online influencer marketing platform that offers a more user-friendly interface. We do not tie you into annual contracts like GRIN and CreatorIQ and are very simple to use. Here's a demo:

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SARAL has a limitless database that you can use to find influencers interested in or talking about the products your brands offer. It’ll help you contact them and form long-lasting and fruitful relationships to increase sales and generate more revenue.

GRIN Vs. CreatorIQ: Final Words

GRIN and CreatorIQ are both powerful influencer marketing platforms with advanced features and tools. You can use them to improve your online presence, drive more traffic, and boost sales.

Make sure that you understand all the features these platforms offer to choose the one that suits your brand’s needs the best. You can also choose SARAL if you’re looking for an easier and more budget-friendly option with advanced features and tools.