Dovetale vs. GRIN - Influencer Marketing Tools Comparison

Which platform should you pick for your influencer program and what are the alternatives?
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September 30, 2022
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Betty Ganai
Customer Success at SARAL

The market is filled with a vast array of influencer marketing tools, making it difficult to choose the right one depending on your brand’s needs. Dovetale and GRIN are two of the most popular online influencer marketing tools that you might already have heard of if you’re searching for such a solution.

GRIN can be a good option if you want something that combines influencer marketing efficiently and e-commerce capabilities. You can go with Dovetale if you need a more affordable option that helps you search for the most relevant influencers and manage their profiles easily based on their performance.

Let’s discuss everything you need to know about Dovetale Vs. GRIN to help you choose the solution that meets your brand’s needs the best.

Scroll down for a detailed review and comparison but here's a comparison chart for you to download or share among the team. We hope this helps if you were quickly browsing around.

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Dovetale (now Shopify Collabs) vs. GRIN: Features Comparison

As mentioned, both Dovetale and GRIN are feature-rich platforms and can help you with influencer marketing a great deal.

Dovetale Features

Dovetale offers all the features you need to manage and scale your brand’s influencer marketing. It’s a trusted online solution that flaunts the following features.


Influencer Search System

Dovetale offers an advanced search system that allows you to find influencers in multiple ways. You can use the search bar available in the “Discover” option. It’s basically an online search engine and database that allows you to find social media influencers, freelancers, and content creators.

The search option also allows you to choose filters, such as mentions, location, usernames, hashtags, and keywords to set up search criteria. It’ll help you find the best influencers for your business.

Another method to find creators is to use the platform selector that allows you to select the desired social media platforms to perform the search operation.

Influencer Management System

One of the best features of Dovetale is its influencer management system. You can use it to invite an influencer to your platform within a single click. The platform also offers multiple statuses that you can assign to an influencer based on the type of partnership you have.

For example, you can select the “invited email” status, which shows that you have invited an influencer and are waiting for their response. You can also create your company’s Dovetale application page so that the influencers can join it.

It’ll allow influencers to send requests to join your community and you’ll have the option to accept or decline them. The platform saves all the data in the form of influencer lists that you can customize as desired.

Campaign Management

Dovetale allows you to create and manage your influencer marketing campaigns easily. You can assign a number of tasks to each campaign, such as signing contracts, adding creators to campaigns, verifying social media accounts, creating and uploading content, and publishing a social media post.

The campaign management system also offers built-in campaign templates and guides you on how to use these built-in tasks properly.

Additionally, you’ll find all the standard tools that you need in a campaign management system, such as monitoring the performance of live content and tracking the performance, expense, and traffic generated by influencers.

Reports and Analytics

Dovetale saves all the content inside the platform, whether it’s a video, photos, or social story. The system offers automated reports that offer everything you need to track the performance of your influencer marketing.

For example, you can monitor the live reach and engagement of your posts, along with detailed information about the behaviors of your targeted audience. You can also create customized reports if you want and they can also be exported to PDFs.

GRIN Features

Here’s a list of the main features that GRIN platforms offer to improve your influencer marketing.


Influencer Search

Just like Dovetale, GRIN also allows you to set search criteria to find the best influencers and creators on different social media platforms. The system also offers a big influencer database that you can use for the same purpose.

Your search results will provide you with information that you can use to reach out to influencers. Dovetale offers built-in email templates to reach the influencers and also provides information to track your email campaigns, such as email opens and replies.

E-Commerce Integration

GRIN offers APIs that you can use to integrate with popular e-commerce platforms, like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magneto, and Salesforce. This feature will help your marketing representatives by providing them with all the tools and information they need in a single place.

Influencer Campaign Management and Tracking

GRIN features an advanced influencer campaign management and tracking system that helps you monitor the performance of your influencer campaigns in real time. You can track all types of KPIs, such as your budget, expenses, and revenue.

The system also provides you information about the performance of each influencer, along with the best-performing individuals and social posts.

Content Management

The content management system of GRIN is one of the best features of this platform. Not only does it allow you to track the user-generated and influencer content but it also helps you download and repurpose it. You can search the content using multiple filters, such as post type, hashtags, and performance.

Dovetale vs. GRIN: Pricing and Subscription Structure

Dovetale and GRIN are online SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms and follow subscription-based pricing.


Dovetale offers four different types of subscriptions, including Free, Growth, Professional, and Enterprise. The free subscription allows you to manage only five influencers at the same time and also offers limited features.

The Growth and Professional subscriptions have predefined monthly/annual payments at $50/mo and $250/mo respectively. But the Enterprise subscription is customizable based on the brand’s needs and can have a different price for different businesses.


Unlike Dovetale, GRIN doesn’t share any information about its pricing and it can be different for different businesses. You’ll need to provide the company with your brand’s information, such as its size, your business goals, and current influencer marketing status. Then, the company will offer you a customized price plan with features that your brand needs.

Both platforms restrict you and bill for the number of creators you manage, which some other platforms such as SARAL do not.

Dovetale Vs. GRIN: Pros and Cons

If you’re planning to subscribe to any of these influencer marketing platforms, make sure that you understand the following pros and cons before making your final decision.

Dovetale pros and cons

GRIN pros and cons

Dovetale or GRIN Alternative

If you think that Dovetale and GRIN aren’t the most suitable choices for your business, you can opt for SARAL. It’s a simple and easy-to-use influencer marketing platform that offers a variety of advanced features and useful tools.

SARAL has a beginner-friendly user interface and supports major social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. It’ll also come in handy if you’re on a tight budget because of more affordable and straightforward pricing.

One of the best features of SARAL is that it offers a free trial that you can access without needing to attach your credit/debit card. The platform also doesn’t ask you to commit to annual contracts, unlike most influencer marketing tools, and offers a a limitless database to find highly relevant influencers for your brand. Here's a video walkthrough of how it works:

Start your 7-day free trial here.

Dovetale vs. GRIN: Final Verdict

We hope this guide has helped you understand how Dovetale and GRIN can help your business with influencer marketing. Make sure that you understand the features, pricing, and pros and cons of both these platforms to choose the best option.

If you want to start your influencer marketing journey, you can consider opting for SARAL. It’s a more affordable, easier, and simpler platform that offers all the features and tools you need in an influencer marketing solution.